Test Prep For AP® Courses


Which of the following factors is NOT strongly associated with voting behavior?

  1. feeling connected to society
  2. being single rather than married
  3. having a job
  4. length of residence in the neighborhood
  5. increased education

Politicians are much more likely to prefer spending money on their own constituents than on another politician’s constituents. This behavior is referred to as ____________.

  1. special interest politics
  2. lobbying
  3. pork-barrel spending
  4. Keynesian economics
  5. inelastic demand

Which of the following scenarios illustrates the median voter theory of public economics?

  1. A politician chooses to cater to an exclusively poor and working-class demographic.
  2. A politician’s views are influenced by a special interest group.
  3. A company attempts to bribe politicians to pass a law that will help them bypass regulations.
  4. Politicians attempt to compromise and find common ground among left- and right-leaning voters.
  5. Voters with a median level of annual income decide which policies will be enacted.