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There are four modules in the Introduction to the Revised Mathematics TEKS professional development. Each module is approximately three hours. Each module has three grade bands, each focusing on the TEKS for those grades.

Be sure to download the journal for your grade band below.

Note: Please download the latest version of Adobe Reader, which enables you to type directly into the PDF and save your work.

This is the second of four modules to introduce the revised Mathematics TEKS. The four modules are

  • Revised Math TEKS (Grades K–8) with Supporting Documents,
  • Applying the Mathematical Process Standards,
  • Completing the Gap Analysis, and
  • Achieving Fluency and Proficiency.

This module reflects focused discussions of mathematics topics within each course.

Exploring the Mathematical Process Standards

Watch the two videos below to learn about the process standards. Explore the process standards on page eight of the Texas Response to Curriculum Focal Points Revised 2013 and examine the process standards through the lens of four big ideas:

  • Communication
  • Reasoning, generalizing, and problem-solving
  • Analysis
  • Modeling using tools and connecting to representations

Find evidence in the process standards that supports these big ideas and record your findings on the Exploring The Mathematical Process Standards page in your journal.

Is there a distinct separation between these four big ideas? Why or why not?


Watch the video below for possible reponses to the question.

Building Depth and Complexity



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How does this graphic capture the intent behind the revised mathematical process standards?

Amplifying Instructional Tasks

Watch the video below and consider this question:

What role does the mathematical process standards play when "amplifying" an instructional task?

Watch the video below and consider this question:

How are the revised mathematical process standards embedded in the considerations for amplifying a task from The Revised Math TEKS (Grades K–8) with Supporting Documents module?

Watch the video below and consider these questions:

How do you take the needs of our students into consideration? When providing a task, how could we provide entry to the task to meet the needs of a struggling student? An English language learner? An advanced student? A struggling advanced English language learner?

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Complete the trivia activity to refresh your knowledge of the documents reviewed in The Revised Math TEKS (Grades K–8) with Supporting Documents module. Complete the vocabulary notes activity to define vocabulary related to meeting the needs of all students. The vocabulary notes activity is also available in your journal.

Cross-Disciplinary Instruction and the ELPS

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What is your comfort level with the ELPS?

What is your comfort level with designing instruction that is cross-disciplinary?

What is your comfort level with designing instruction that allows for multiple entry points?

Bringing It All Together

What are the implications for students' acquisition and demonstration of their mathematical understandings related to content and process standards?

Record your thoughts on the Mathematical Process Standards—My Understanding page in your journal.

After recording your thoughts, watch the video below for possible considerations.

Digging Deeper into Amplified Tasks (Grade Bands)

Watch the video for your grade band. Download your grade band specific Amplifying Instructional Tasks document to review the task discussed in the video.

The tasks in the videos are

Use your grade band specific Amplifying Instructional Tasks document and choose two separate tasks to study. Complete the matrix in your Examining Amplified Instructional Task journal pages.

Exploring the Texas Gateway


Image of the Texas Gateway interface and the Standards Search fields

Explore new resources found on the Texas Gateway and look for evidence of the mathematical process standards within the activities found on the Gateway. You can browse, use the faceted search, or search directly by TEKS.

The TEKS search is illustrated above. Select "Mathematics" and a grade level from your grade band. 


Image of the Project Share Gateway Standards Search results

This is an example from the kindergarten standards. In the list of standards that result from your search, you will notice that some standards have a book icon and the the number of resources associated with that standard. Click to expand and see more information.

Click the title link of the resource to go to that resource.


Image of the Project Share Gateway Standards Search results

Repeat this process for several grades and complete the table in your Exploring the Texas Gateway journal page. Use the reflection questions provided below to guide your thinking. Record your thoughts in the My Reflections area of the journal page.

  • How are the mathematical process standards reflected in the Gateway activities? Give an example.
  • With a particular Gateway activity in mind, how would you amplify the activity? Why?
  • What was your favorite Gateway activity? Why?
  • How could you use the Gateway activities with your students?
  • What would you like to see more of? Why?
  • What is your biggest take away from exploring the Gateway activities?

Amplifying Tasks: Your Turn

Watch the video for an overview of the amplifying tasks activity.

Watch the next four videos to review each of the four columns of the Amplifying Instructional Tasks template.

Video Transcript

Download your grade band specific Original Problems document. Choose one problem to amplify and complete the matrix on the Amplifying Instructional Tasks page in your journal.


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Thank you for participating in this module. Please consider continuing your professional development by accessing the other modules in the Introduction to the Revised Mathematics TEKS (Grades K–8) series.

  • Revised Math TEKS (Grades K–8) with Supporting Documents
  • Completing the Gap Analysis
  • Achieving Fluency and Proficiency