Process Standards

Watch the video and consider the following questions:

  • What are the process standards?
  • Why are the process standards listed for each focal point?

Download the interactive PDF and summarize each process standard with a short phrase.

When you have completed this exercise, watch the video below.

A Vertical Look at the Focal Points (Grade Bands)

There is no right or wrong answer for this exercise. The key is to be mindful of the focal point connections between and within the grade bands. 

Watch the video for your grade band below for further instructions and use this link to complete the focal points activity. Please record your findings in your Vertical Look at the TxRCFP journal page.

Journal Entry

Video Transcript

Take a minute to consider how you laid out your chart, and record any "Ahas!" or "Oh, nos!" in your A Vertical Look at the TxRCFP journal page.

Zooming In

Watch the video and review the first page of the grade band appropriate Key Concepts and Procedures Highlight document.

Answer two questions: What does the document tell us? What doesn’t the document tell us?

Please record your findings in your Vertical Look at Key Concepts and Procedures journal page.

After you have completed the activity, watch the video below for additional considerations.

Where are the Connections? (Grades 6–8 Only)

Video Transcript

As you looked at the document, did you notice that not all connections were consecutive?

What does that mean?

What are the possible misconceptions related to the nonconsecutive connections?