The Texas Education Agency (TEA) amended its child abuse prevention, mandatory reporting, and training requirements to include human trafficking in alignment with updates to state law concerning the definition of child abuse and neglect (TAC § 61.1051, Subchapter EE, Commissioner’s Rules on Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect, including Trafficking of a Child).

The purpose of this module is to assist and equip educators in meeting the training requirements for the Commissioner's Rule (TAC §61.1051) on reporting Child Abuse, Neglect, including Trafficking of a Child. Each district and open-enrollment charter school must maintain records that include the name of each staff member who participated in training (TAC §61.1051).  It is the responsibility of the LEA to track the participation and completion of this training module locally.


Mandated Reporting Requirements

Training concerning prevention techniques for, and recognition of, sexual abuse, trafficking, and other maltreatment of children including those with significant cognitive disabilities, must be provided as a part of new employee orientation and to existing school staff not previously trained as required by TEC §38.004.  

Legal Definitions of Human Trafficking

Warning Signs and Risk Indicators

Victim Vulnerabilities

Traffickers, Who Are They?

Educators Essential to Identification and Reporting

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) represent one of the largest professional resources for reporting suspected child abuse in Texas. It is critical for district leadership, educators, and school staff to remain vigilant in their identification and reporting of suspected child abuse, neglect, including the trafficking of a child.

How to Respond to An Outcry

Unpacking Law, Policy, and Educator Training Requirements

Administrator Requirements

How You Can Be The One