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Overview of Multisyllabic Words

There are two sections in this resource:

Overview of Multisyllabic Words
Video Demonstration

The estimated time to complete this resource is 15 minutes.

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Lesson Plan
Lesson Materials
Word List
Video Transcript

Multisyllabic words have more than one syllable. Many words in textbooks and novels have more than one syllable. These words can look long and difficult to read, but this lesson presents a strategy that helps students break down larger words into smaller parts that are easy to read. Then, students can put the small parts together again to read the entire word.

Keep in mind that the sooner students learn these basic concepts, the sooner students will be able to read and spell more words.



Video Demonstration

This video demonstrates how to teach students to read and spell multisyllabic words. The video features activities that teach students how to identify a syllable and how to use their knowledge of syllable types to break apart a multisyllabic word to read and spell it.

Click play on the video when you're ready to begin.


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