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Transportation Funding Assistance

The Texas Education Code (TEC) authorizes the board of trustees to provide an economical public school transportation system for each school district, charter school, or other local education agency. To provide funding for eligible student transportation, a state statute provides for the allotment of Foundation School Program (FSP) funds, which is commonly called the “transportation allotment.”

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) School Transportation Allotment Handbook contains rules for student and program eligibility for transportation assistance. A link to the most current handbook is on TEA’s School Transportation webpage. The School Transportation Funding page also can be found by using the A-Z Index on the TEA website and searching under “S.”

Transportation allotment rules allow funding assistance to school districts for eligible services between the home campus and

  • another secondary public school campus; 
  • a work-based instructional site inside or outside the sending district;
  • a campus in a neighboring school district with which a cooperative agreement exists;
  • a state-regulated public or private postsecondary educational institution; and
  • a proprietary trade or technical school under a contract for CTE instruction.

The most common use of school transportation in CTE programs is transporting a group of CTE students to a single worksite, such as the location for clinical rotations or student teaching.

School boards can decide not to provide school transportation for CTE students and programs, and most districts have a policy that makes these students responsible for their own transportation to and from their training stations.

Transportation Restrictions

Transportation allotment rules restrict CTE program route service to during-the-school-day transportation to attend a CTE course or CTE instruction that is not available at the student’s home campus.

Home-to-school and school-to-home transportation is not eligible for CTE route service.  Local school districts may provide additional transportation services according to local policy.




For more information about transportation for CTE programs, check the TEA Transportation Funding website.

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