Lesson Introduction

Identify the Embedded Science

Part 1 of this course introduced the idea of finding the science already embedded in your lesson and gave examples of science embedded into CTE lessons. Sometimes the science can be easy to identify since it is an integral part of the CTE content, while other times it can take more effort to recognize. Now you are going to try to find the embedded science in a lesson of your own.

Select an existing CTE lesson you have created. It can be any lesson. You will use this lesson throughout the rest of this course as you brainstorm ways to integrate science into the lesson. For a culminating activity, you will modify your lesson plan so that it incorporates one or more scientific practices and includes the six essential elements of a science-enhanced lesson plan.

Image of Participant Guide
Next, download the participant guide below. You will use this guide to write down your notes before modifying your lesson plan. 

Then, look through your selected lesson and see if you can identify any embedded science in the CTE concepts. Start by looking for the obvious science like physics, chemistry, biology, geology, etc., then look for natural alignment to the scientific practices as outlined in the TEKS, and finally identify any inquiry-based learning that can occur. Make some notes in your participant guide of any embedded science you can find. 

Download the Sample Lesson Plan below to see how science was integrated into an existing lesson. Look for where the embedded science was enhanced.

Participant Guide



Sample Lesson Plan

Enhance Embedded Science through the Scientific Practices

Now that you have identified the embdedded science, think about how you could enhance that embedded science through each of the scientific practices. Note your ideas in your participant guide. The scientific practices are listed below if you need to review. 

Click each scientific practice below to review.

Brainstorm Activities Around the Scientific Practices

Review the sample lesson plan to see how four of the scientific practices were incorporated into the lesson.

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