Lesson Introduction

Establish a Classroom Routine

Take a moment to save these sample forms.


Sample lesson plans and classroom activities are described in more detail in section 12. CTE instructor materials may be downloaded from the Texas CTE Resources Center website.

Follow All School Policies

Know and follow all local school policies regarding classroom management and discipline.'

During orientation at the beginning of the school year, make students aware of classroom rules and regulations, as well as the consequences for not following the rules.

Many instructors like to have students sign a Student Code of Conduct agreement verifying that they understand the rules and promise to follow them.

Texas Education Agency (TEA) recommends that the rules be posted at all times. Enforcement of all rules must be done equally to all students in all classes.


Take a moment to review and save a sample Program Agreement form. 

Keep a Well-Stocked Reference Library

Have Well-Planned Lessons

One of the best ways to keep students focused on learning is to involve them in activities that challenge and excite them. There are several resources to help teachers plan and develop creative lessons.


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Lesson Conclusion