Welcome to the Course!

Welcome to the Science Academies for Grades K–4, Part 1, online course. This course focuses on the content knowledge and pedagogical expertise necessary for the Force, Motion, and Energy strand of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for science in grades K–4. To get an overview of the entire course, watch the video below. Keep in mind that this video, and many others within the course, were filmed during a live session of the Science Academies for Grades K–4, Part 1. 

Teaching K–4 Science Is Important

If you're working through this course, teaching K–4 science must be important to you. View the video below to consider why it's so important.


View the video below and note anything that catches your attention, brings back a memory, or piques your interest. 

Now take a moment and compare your thoughts with some observations made by participants in the face-to-face session by viewing the video below.