Key Terms

Key Terms

object that absorbs all radiated energy that strikes it and also emits energy across all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum
Compton effect
phenomenon whereby X-rays scattered from materials have decreased energy
electric eye
group of devices that use the photoelectric effect for detection
particle-wave duality
property of behaving like either a particle or a wave; the term for the phenomenon that all particles have wave-like characteristics and waves have particle-like characteristics
photoelectric effect
phenomenon whereby some materials eject electrons when exposed to light
electron that has been ejected from a material by a photon of light
a quantum, or particle, of electromagnetic radiation
photon momentum
amount of momentum of a photon, calculated by p=hλp=hλ
the fact that certain physical entities exist only with particular discrete values and not every conceivable value
discrete packet or bundle of a physical entity such as energy
ultraviolet catastrophe
misconception that blackbodies would radiate high frequency energy at a much higher rate than energy radiated at lower frequencies