Key Equations

Key Equations

speed of light, frequency, and wavelength c=fλc=fλ
change of wavelength with index of refraction λn=λnλn=λn
two-slit constructive interference dsinθ=mλdsinθ=mλ, for m = 0, 1, −1, 2, −2, …
two-slit destructive interference dsinθ=(m+½)λdsinθ=(m+½)λ, for m = 0, 1, −1, 2, −2, …
one-slit, first-order destructive interference; wavelength related to dimensions DyL=λDyL=λ
one-slit destructive interference Dsinθ=mλDsinθ=mλ
wavelength change with change in medium λn=λnλn=λn
diffraction grating constructive interference dsinθ=mλdsinθ=mλ
resolution θ=1.22λDθ=1.22λD