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There are four modules in the Introduction to the Revised Mathematics TEKS professional development. Each module is approximately three hours. Each module has three grade bands, each focusing on the TEKS for those grades.

Be sure to download the journal (PDF) below for your grade band.

Note: Please download the latest version of Adobe Reader, which enables you to type directly into the PDF and save your work.

This is the first of four modules to introduce the revised mathematics TEKS. The four modules are

  • Revised Math TEKS (Grades K–8) with Supporting Documents,
  • Applying the Mathematical Process Standards,
  • Completing the Gap Analysis, and
  • Achieving Fluency and Proficiency.

This module reflects focused discussions of mathematics topics within each course.

How Do You Look at Things?

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How do you look at things?

  • A forest view?
  • A tree view?
  • A leaf view?

Rather than looking at the trees and the leaves, today we will take the "forest view" to explore strategies and procedures that can be used in your district or on your campus.

The Texas Response to Curriculum Focal Points

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The first document we will look at is the Texas Response to Curriculum Focal Points, Revised 2013 (TxRCFP Revised 2013) on the Texas Gateway.

The TxRCFP Scavenger Hunt

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You will need the following materials for the TxRCFP Scavenger Hunt activity: