• Many students, especially students with mathematics difficulties, enter mathematics classes without needed prerequisite skills.
  • Lacking the needed skills, struggling students are often disengaged and fail to understand taught concepts.
  • Strategies exist to help students compensate for their mathematics difficulties and participate in classroom activities.

About the Module Lessons

Research shows that students with mathematics difficulties respond best to structured systematic, explicit instruction. The scripted lessons are organized as follows:

  • Preview, which serves as an advance organizer
  • Engage Prior Knowledge, which provides a review of background information the student should already possess
  • Modeled Practice, which allows the teacher to help a student learn the strategy
  • Practice, which connects the learned strategy to the core mathematics lesson being taught
  • Independent Practice, which gives the student an opportunity to show what he has learned

How do I use the lessons?

  • The lessons are designed to help students with mathematics difficulties (Tier II) access the general education mathematics curriculum.
  • The lessons can be taught by an interventionist, classroom teacher, or trained paraprofessional. 
  • The intervention is designed to supplement core instruction, so the intervention time is in addition to core mathematics instruction.

Please note that the Teacher Lesson Booklets may reference materials and supplies not included in the downloadable lessons. It will be helpful to preview the lessons and gather additional materials and supplies before working with your students.