Energy Strand Main Idea

Let's refer back to the force, motion, and energy vertical alignment study. Write a main idea statement for each grade level as it relates to the science concept TEKS that were addressed by the energy lessons. Please label each statement with the correlating grade level.

Energy Vertical Alignment

How do the lessons vertically align to support the learning of energy concepts?

Energy Strand Vertical Alignment

Identify the science concepts that are addressed by the energy lessons using the cover sheets from each lesson. Refer back to the TEKS pages you highlighted during the TEKS vertical alignment section. Circle the letter of any TEKS that were addressed by the energy strand. 

What do you observe about the TEKS you circled? Each of the lessons addresses TEKS that support high school physics. It may seem that elementary educators are far removed from the world of a physics student. However, they lay the foundation and have a direct impact on the academic success of each student. By teaching these lessons, educators have done their part to build and strengthen the knowledge of their students.

Grade 8 STAAR™ Released Test Question and Energy Strand Assessment


Grade 8 Science STAAR Released Test Question. Questions shows a wind turbine system. It asks at what area in the system is mechanical energy begin converted into electrical energy.
  • How does elementary science support the eighth-grade knowledge needed to answer the question above?
  • How do we prepare students to answer this question?

This questions addresses TEKS 6 (9)(C) and 8 (3)(B). The correct answer is B.

At this time, complete the Energy Strand Assessment below.