Overview of Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Words/Closed Syllables

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    Overview of Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Words/Closed Syllables
    Video Demonstration

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A syllable is a word or word part that has only one vowel sound. Closed syllables end in at least one consonant that "closes off" the vowel from the rest of the word. The vowels in these syllables make their short sound.

The characteristics of a closed syllable are:

    It has only one vowel
    A consonant “closes in” the vowel
    The vowel makes its short sound

The vowel may be spelled with the letter y, as in gym. Closed syllables can also be spelled using consonant digraphs, as in math, or consonant blends, as in script.

Teaching the characteristics of closed syllables helps students read and write multisyllabic words. Teaching how to chunk longer words into manageable parts helps students read these longer words and not feel overwhelmed. Since almost 50% of syllables are closed syllables, teaching students how to read and write these syllables can be of great benefit.

Six Syllable Types

Video Demonstration