Overview of Consonant-le (Cle) Syllables

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Overview of Consonant-le (Cle) Syllables
Video Demonstration
Teaching Tips

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Cle syllables have a number of distinguishing characteristics:

•   They are found only at the end of multisyllabic words.
•   They consist of a consonant, followed by the letters l and e.
•   They are pronounced by blending the first consonant with the l, as in temple.
•   They contain a silent e, as in title.

Almost 400 two-syllable words contain Cle syllables, so the sooner students learn these basic concepts, the sooner students will be able to read and spell many more words.

Six Syllable Types

Video Demonstration

This video demonstrates how to teach students to read and form words that contain consonant-le (Cle) syllables. Please click to download and print the Football Fumble handout for part of this video. The handouts may also be downloaded from the RELATED ITEMS section below, or you may use the lesson materials packet download from the Overview section at the beginning of this resource.

Click play on the video when you're ready to begin.


Teaching Tips

Students may be unsure which spelling of the final /uhl/ to use (e.g., al in local, el in model, le in sizzle). Tell students to try the Cle pattern first because it is more common than the others. Tell students that it can be difficult to know which option is correct just from the sound, so they will have to memorize which option goes with which words.

When the first syllable ends in s followed by -tle, the t is silent (e.g., whistle, castle).

The /kl/ sound has two spelling options: cle and kle.

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