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    Graphing Proportional Relationships

    • Resource ID: M8M2L5*
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Math

    Given a proportional relationship, students will be able to graph a set of data from the relationship and interpret the unit rate as the slope of the line.

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    Analyzing Scatterplots

    • Resource ID: M8M2L13*
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Math

    Given a set of data, the student will be able to generate a scatterplot, determine whether the data are linear or non-linear, describe an association between the two variables, and use a trend line to make predictions for data with a linear association.

  3. Dichotomous Keys Murder Mystery

    • Resource ID: R4SCI0038
    • Grade Range: 7–12
    • Subject: Science

    A resource for the instruction of (7)(11)(A) involving the use of dichotomous keys for identification.

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    Comparing and Explaining Transformations

    • Resource ID: M8M4L1*
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Math

    Given rotations, reflections, translations, and dilations, students will be able to develop algebraic representations for rotations, and generalize and then compare and contrast the properties of congruence transformations and non-congruence transformations.