• Resource ID: PBS310
    • Grade Range: PreK–1
    • Subject: Early Childhood

    PBS Learning Media A Snow Family Lives Here! | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    Daniel imagines that a snow family lives in the neighborhood, and it's lots of fun to play with them. Encourage kids to enjoy everything about the snow. Build a snowman, make a snow angel, or leave footprints in the powder!

    • Resource ID: R4SCI0060
    • Grade Range: 7–8
    • Subject: Science

    Science resource icon Diggin' into Digestion

    This Tier 1 resource provides flexible alternative or additional learning opportunities for students to distinguish between physical and chemical changes in matter in the digestive system.

    • Resource ID: R4SCI0056
    • Grade Range: K–4
    • Subject: Science

    Region4 GWR Logo Science Academies for Grade K - 4, Part 2

    This resource provides the documents, videos, and materials to participants of the Science Academies for Grade K - 4, Part 2 training.

    • Resource ID: R4SCI0044
    • Grade Range: 6–12
    • Subject: Science

    Energy Transformations

    A Tier I resource for TEKS (6)(9)(C), energy transformations.

    • Resource ID: S8M2L5
    • Grade Range: 6–8
    • Subject: Science

    OnTrack logo Changes in Motion

    Given diagrams or scenarios, students will measure and graph changes in motion.

    • Resource ID: S8M2L7
    • Grade Range: 7–8
    • Subject: Science

    OnTrack logo Work and Force

    Given descriptions, illustrations, graphs, or charts, students will contrast situations where work is done with different amounts of force to situations where no work is done, such as moving a box with a ramp and without a ramp or standing still.

    • Resource ID: S7M1L2
    • Grade Range: 7
    • Subject: Science

    OnTrack logo Matter and Energy—Food Chains, Food Webs, and Energy Pyramids

    Given scenarios and descriptions, students will be able to diagram the flow of energy through living systems, including food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids.

    • Resource ID: R4SCI0070
    • Grade Range: K–5
    • Subject: Science

    TEA Science Safety Training for Elementary School

    Increase your awareness of science safety in the elementary classroom. Teachers will better understand their duty to instruct, supervise, and maintain a safe science classroom. This resource does not take the place of campus- or district-level science safety training.

    • Resource ID: S7M2L3
    • Grade Range: 7
    • Subject: Science

    OnTrack logo Human Activity in Watersheds

    Given scenarios, descriptions, maps and illustrations, students will be able to model the effects of human activity on groundwater and surface water in a watershed.