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    Cell Comparisons

    • Resource ID: R4SCI0006
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Science

    Learners compare a variety of prokaryotes and eukaryotes to determine similarities and differences among and between them.

  2. Project Share Gateway Resource image

    Magnets Push and Pull

    • Resource ID: R4SCI0049
    • Grade Range: 1
    • Subject: Science

    A Tier 1 force and motion instructional resource for grade 1.

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    Nomenclature: Covalent Compounds

    • Resource ID: CM3L6
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Science

    Given descriptions, diagrams, or scenarios, students will write and name the chemical formulas of binary covalent compounds.

  4. OnTrack logo

    Organisms and Environments - Humans and Ocean Systems

    • Resource ID: S8M4L4
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Science

    Students will identify how humans depend on ocean systems and explain how human activities such as runoff, artificial reefs, or use of resources have modified these systems.


  5. OnTrack logo

    Survival of a Species

    • Resource ID: BM5L7B
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Science

    Given scenarios, illustrations or descriptions, the student will describe how long-term survival of species is dependent on changing resource bases that are limited.

  6. OnTrack logo

    Ionic Bonds: Electron Dot Formulas

    • Resource ID: CM3L2
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Science

    Given descriptions, diagrams, scenarios, or chemical symbols, students will model ionic bonds using electron dot formulas.

  7. OnTrack logo

    The Bohr Model

    • Resource ID: CM2L2
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Science

    Students will understand Bohr’s experimental design and conclusions that lead to the development of his model of the atom, as well as the limitations of his model.

  8. OnTrack logo

    Conservation of Resources

    • Resource ID: SM0L3
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Science

    Given choices of natural resources and lab materials, students will select disposal and recycling methods that best conserve and protect our resources

  9. OnTrack logo

    Solving Quadratic Equations Using Concrete Models

    • Resource ID: A1M6L5
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Math

    Given a quadratic equation, the student will use tiles to factor and solve the equation.

  10. OnTrack logo

    Matter and Energy—Food Chains, Food Webs, and Energy Pyramids

    • Resource ID: S7M1L2
    • Grade Range: 7
    • Subject: Science

    Given scenarios and descriptions, students will be able to diagram the flow of energy through living systems, including food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids.