• Resource ID: TPRI10003
    • Grade Range: 1
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Unit 3. How and When Do We Administer the TPRI in Grade 1?

    Grade 1 Unit 3 

    • Resource ID: TPRI20001
    • Grade Range: 2
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Unit 1. What is the TPRI?

    TPRI Grade 2 Unit 1 Welcome

    • Resource ID: TPRIK0001
    • Grade Range: K
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Unit 1. Using the TPRI—Kindergarten

    Kindergarten TPRI Administration Module

    • Resource ID: TXLS198
    • Grade Range: 10
    • Subject: Math

    Square Root Regression

    This lesson is a student discovery lesson that culminates in square root regression with technology. Students will use their study of inverses, the relationship between quadratic and square root functions, their previous knowledge of regression, and determine how to find the square root regression of real-world data.

    • Resource ID: TXLS191
    • Grade Range: 4
    • Subject: Math

    Demystifying Remainders

    This lesson will introduce fourth-grade students to the concept of a remainder and the meaning of a remainder in the context of a word problem.

    • Resource ID: TXLS082
    • Grade Range: 2
    • Subject: Math

    Ravaged Robot

    Students will learn the concept of area by building a robot using manipulatives and transferring the representation onto grid paper. Then, students will determine the area of each designated body part on their think sheet.


    • Resource ID: TXLS195
    • Grade Range: 1
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Retelling with Confidence

    Students learn how to use the pictures in their books to retell a story in sequence. The teacher models how to use the pictures to retell the story Stellaluna by Janell Cannon. The students and teacher complete a graphic organizer using picture representations from the book. The graphic organizer is a frame for all the elements of a strong retell and requires students to include new vocabulary; the characters and setting; and the beginning, middle, and end of the book, Stellaluna. Students will apply the picture retell strategy by completing a graphic organizer for their own book and retelling the story to peers and their teacher.

    • Resource ID: TXLS199
    • Grade Range: 7
    • Subject: Math

    Comparing Box Plots and Dot Plots

    This lesson is a 90-minute lesson that can be delivered in one block or split into two 45 minute lessons. The first part of the lesson engages students in a notice/wonder activity that is designed to help students begin to question how data is represented in box plots and dot plots. The second part of the lesson is designed for students to compare data in box plots and dot plots and identify truths and untruths about the representations.

    • Resource ID: TXLS208
    • Grade Range: 1
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    One Thing Leads to Another

    Students apply their understanding of the text in order to retell the plot sequence.

    • Resource ID: TXLS193
    • Grade Range: 2
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Author’s Purpose, Text Features, Informational Text, and Daily Three

    Students will follow the Daily Three structure to engage in mini-lessons regarding author’s purpose, text features, guided reading, work on writing, read to self, and word work. The students will also infer the author’s purpose for writing a book using a book order form.

    • Resource ID: TXLS172
    • Grade Range: 5
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Inference in the Real World: Using Clues to Identify Key Details

    Students will actively read as a critical component; they will infer in expository text.

    • Resource ID: Revised_Math_TEKS_VA
    • Grade Range: K–12
    • Subject: Math

    Vertical Alignment Charts for Revised Mathematics TEKS

    This resource provides vertical alignment charts for the revised mathematics TEKS.

    • Resource ID: TXLS065
    • Grade Range: 9
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Thesis Throwdown

    After students watch a brief video introducing thesis statements, they will create a class thesis statement checklist, use a prompt to write a personal thesis, compare theirs to others in their group while working to craft and revise a group thesis to present to the class after participating in a Gallery Walk where they provide and incorporate revision suggestions.

    • Resource ID: TSLP_6-12_S1
    • Grade Range: N/A
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    thumb TSLP—6–12—Sustainability—S1—Self-evaluation of TSLP Implementation

    The goal of the Texas State Literacy Plan (TSLP) is to ensure that every Texas child is strategically prepared for the literacy demands of college or career by high school graduation.

    • Resource ID: 6ST&M
    • Grade Range: N/A
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Icon image for TLI Six Syllable Types and Morphology

    This set of videos is organized into two topics: Six Syllables Types and Morphology. The videos are edited from a six-hour professional development and may be used as a sequenced set of lessons or individually.

    • Resource ID: TXLS145
    • Grade Range: 13
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Catch Me If You Can—Retelling "The Gingerbread Man"

    Students retell or re-enact events in sequence from "The Gingerbread Man" using pictures.

    Re-telling of The Gingerbread Man using pictures