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    Solving Problems With Similar Figures

    • Resource ID: GM5L2
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Math

    Given problem situations involving similar figures, the student will use ratios to solve the problems.

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    Electron Configuration

    • Resource ID: CM2L6
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Science

    Given descriptors, diagrams, and chemical symbols, students will use the periodic table to determine the electron configuration of neutral atoms.

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    Wave Behavior: Doppler Effect

    • Resource ID: PM4L5
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Science

    Given diagrams, scenarios, or illustrations, students will identify the characteristics of the Doppler effect.

  4. Dichotomous Keys Murder Mystery

    • Resource ID: R4SCI0038
    • Grade Range: 7–12
    • Subject: Science

    A resource for the instruction of (7)(11)(A) involving the use of dichotomous keys for identification.

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    • Resource ID: USHM1L5
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Social Studies

    Given information about Roosevelt’s Square Deal, students will create cause-and-effect diagrams to explain the reasons for and impact of selected reforms sponsored by the Roosevelt administration.

  6. OnTrack logo
    • Resource ID: USHM1L1b
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Social Studies

    Given background information, students will be able to identify economic, social, and political issues surrounding the Gilded Age. Students will identify significant historical figures associated with the Gilded Age.

  7. Building Blocks for Teaching Adolescents with Reading Difficulties

    • Resource ID: BB0000
    • Grade Range: 5–12
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    This online resource is designed to enhance teachers’ knowledge and skills so they can effectively teach adolescent students who struggle with reading.

  8. PBS Learning Media

    Prefixes & Suffixes

    • Resource ID: PBS374
    • Grade Range: 1–3
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    This resource group teaches students about some of the most common prefixes and suffixes and about the effects they have on the tenses and meanings of verbs.

  9. PBS Learning Media

    Tips from the Playground: ER/EST

    • Resource ID: PBS372
    • Grade Range: 1–3
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Reggie explains the uses and abilities of the suffixes "er" and "est." This resource verbally and visually demonstrates to students how these two suffixes function.

  10. PBS Learning Media

    Commercial: Big Word

    • Resource ID: PBS430
    • Grade Range: 1–3
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    This commercial for "Bite Sized Word Bits Bar" teaches students how to break up large words into easy, syllable-based pieces. This resource teaches children spelling, decoding, and sight-reading habits and skills.

  11. PBS Learning Media

    Professor Monkey Follows the Directions—Martha Speaks

    • Resource ID: PBS383
    • Grade Range: K–3
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Help children build vocabulary and understand STEM education concepts with this Martha Speaks video! Professor Monkey follows instructions to make a paper airplane but accidentally uses paper that has the directions for where he needs to be!