• Resource ID: PBS457
    • Grade Range: 3–8
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    PBS Learning Media Unforgettable Elephants

    In this video segment from Nature, witness the joy an elephant family experiences when a new baby elephant is born. This birth was a celebration within elephant society. 

    • Resource ID: M7M3L16
    • Grade Range: 7–8
    • Subject: Math

    OnTrack logo Drawing Conclusions about Three-Dimensional Figures from Nets

    Given a net for a three-dimensional figure, the student will make conjectures and draw conclusions about the three-dimensional figure formed by the given net.

    • Resource ID: M8M3L3*
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Math

    OnTrack logo Estimating Measurements and Using Formulas: Surface Area

    Given application problems involving lateral or total surface area the student will estimate measurements and solve the problems.

    • Resource ID: M8M3L9*
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Math

    OnTrack logo Solutions of Simultaneous Equations

    Given a graph of two simultaneous equations, students will be able to interpret the intersection of the graphs as the solution to the two equations.

    • Resource ID: M8M2L13*
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Math

    OnTrack logo Analyzing Scatterplots

    Given a set of data, the student will be able to generate a scatterplot, determine whether the data are linear or non-linear, describe an association between the two variables, and use a trend line to make predictions for data with a linear association.

    • Resource ID: S8M4L4
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Science

    OnTrack logo Organisms and Environments - Humans and Ocean Systems

    Students will identify how humans depend on ocean systems and explain how human activities such as runoff, artificial reefs, or use of resources have modified these systems.


    • Resource ID: SS8M1L2
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Social Studies

    OnTrack logo

    Given short summaries about the reasons for European exploration and colonization of North America, students will compare English and Spanish settlements in the New World.

    • Resource ID: M8M2L8*
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Math

    OnTrack logo Generating Different Representations of Relationships

    Given problems that include data, the student will generate different representations, such as a table, graph, equation, or verbal description.

    • Resource ID: M8M2L10
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Math

    OnTrack logo Predicting, Finding, and Justifying Data from a Graph

    Given data in the form of a graph, the student will use the graph to interpret solutions to problems.