1. Texas Online College and Career Readiness

    • Resource ID: OCCRRC_001
    • Grade Range: K–12
    • Subject:

    The videos in this resource introduce the Online College and Career Readiness Resource Center. The OCCRRC is a comprehensive tool for college and career development in Texas.

  2. Fine Arts TEKS

    • Resource ID: FINEARTS_LP
    • Grade Range: K–12
    • Subject:

    This is a video introduction to the Fine Arts TEKS Overview (Grades K-12) online professional development course. The course is designed to introduce educators to the revised fine arts TEKS, and it will be available summer 2015.

  3. Measurement: Converting Units of Measure

    • Resource ID: T2T06
    • Grade Range: 2–5
    • Subject: Math

    Measurement: Converting Units of Measure

  4. Building to Measurement with a Ruler

    • Resource ID: T2T05
    • Grade Range: 2–5
    • Subject: Math

    Building to Measurement with a Ruler

  5. Addition and Subtraction of Fractions Grade 4

    • Resource ID: T2T23
    • Grade Range: 4–5
    • Subject: Math

    Addition and subtraction of fractions grade 4.

  6. Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers Grades 5–7

    • Resource ID: T2T24
    • Grade Range: 5–7
    • Subject: Math

    Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers Grades 5–7

  7. Asking and Answering Questions

    • Resource ID: AAQ_01
    • Grade Range: 3–5
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    The Asking and Answering Professional Development provides strategies to teach students how to ask and answer questions more effectively to improve comprehension in the classroom and on standardized assessments such as the STAAR. 

  8. Determining Importance & Summarizing Informational Text

    • Resource ID: DI&SIT
    • Grade Range: 3–5
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Determining importance and summarizing is a complicated task for many readers. This professional development provides participants with instructional scaffolds that will help students comprehend informational text. 

  9. Reading to Learn Academy, Grade 5 Additional Resources

    • Resource ID: RTLA_G5_AR
    • Grade Range: 5
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Grade 5 additional resources


    • Resource ID: E_MSTAR001
    • Grade Range: 2–8
    • Subject: Math

    The ESTAR/MSTAR Universal Screeners and Diagnostic Assessments are a formative assessment system administered to students in grades 2–8 to support instructional decisions in mathematics.

  11. Target 2% Lessons to Support Comprehension for Grades K through 5

    • Resource ID: T2P0005
    • Grade Range: K–5
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    These comprehension activities are designed to enhance the instruction of all teachers of reading and to meet the learning needs of all students, as indicated by data.

  12. Mathematics TEKS: Supporting Information

    • Resource ID: Revised_Math_TEKS_SI
    • Grade Range: K–12
    • Subject: Math

    This resource presents supporting information of the mathematics TEKS for Kindergarten through Grade 12.

  13. Interactive Science Glossary

    • Resource ID: R4ISCI001
    • Grade Range: K–8
    • Subject: Science

    The Interactive Science Glossary is a resource that supports students who are learning the language of science. This resource includes written and spoken definitions and sentences in both Spanish and English. Students can even create, download, and print their own vocabulary cards. 

  14. Texas Lesson Study

    • Resource ID: TXLS_Pilot
    • Grade Range: K–12
    • Subject:

    Texas Lesson Study (TXLS) is systematic, inquiry-based professional development that fosters a collaborative, professional-learning environment among teachers and can be implemented by all campuses.

  15. Colombian Folktale: Pastorcita

    • Resource ID: PBS223
    • Grade Range: PreK–5
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    This video features the Colombian story Pastorcita in both English and Spanish. Pastorcita has many elements that are similar to “Little Bo Peep.