1. PBS Learning Media

    Marvin K. Mooney Activity

    • Resource ID: PBS412
    • Grade Range: K–5
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    In this activity, students get to combine the world of literacy and physical movement! As the teacher reads the book “Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now” by Dr. Seuss, students listen carefully 

  2. PBS Learning Media

    Action Verbs

    • Resource ID: PBS415
    • Grade Range: 3–5
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    In this 3rd through 5th grade video, students connect exercise and literacy. The teacher reads a sentence aloud and students must identify the action verb that was read and then act it out accordingly. This is a great lesson to combine focus on cognitive and psychomotor skills.

  3. PBS Learning Media


    • Resource ID: PBS421
    • Grade Range: K–5
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Get your students up and moving in this Kindergarten through 5th grade activity that connects literacy, creativity and movement! Students act out different animals in the book “Waddle” as the teacher reads aloud. 

  4. PBS Learning Media

    Honk If You Agree

    • Resource ID: PBS339
    • Grade Range: 3–6
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    In these two lesson plans, students will learn to identify issues of importance, form their opinions, and support those opinions with evidence and reason. They will also learn how to state their feelings in a persuasive manner.

  5. PBS Learning Media

    Edison: Boyhood and Teen Years

    • Resource ID: PBS401
    • Grade Range: 3–8
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    Find out how young Thomas Edison’s curiosity got him into trouble, and how, during his teen years, he lost his hearing but gained confidence as an aspiring inventor, in this video adapted from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Edison.

  6. PBS Learning Media

    Little Ol' Lucky Day | WordGirl

    • Resource ID: PBS355
    • Grade Range: 1–4
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    When Becky registers for a mini golf tournament, she learns about honor in this competitive sport.
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  7. OnTrack logo

    Documenting Sources and Writing a Bibliography/Works Cited (English III Research )

    • Resource ID: E3RsM4L04
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    You will learn how to cite your sources in the body of your research paper and write a works cited page according to the Modern Language Association (MLA) style manual.

  8. OnTrack logo

    Strengthening Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Organization (English III Research)

    • Resource ID: E3RsM5L01
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    You will learn revision strategies you can use to strengthen your introduction and body of your paper.