1. Subtraction on the Move

    • Resource ID: TXLS140
    • Grade Range: 2
    • Subject: Math

    The students will participate in a number talk focused on subtraction with the subtrahend of nine. Then they will be paired to rotate around the room working subtraction problems with and without regrouping.

  2. Diagramming Dinosaurs

    • Resource ID: TXLS098
    • Grade Range: 7
    • Subject: Math

    Students will use a verbal representation to explore a constant rate of change in the size of dinosaurs over a period of time and represent their data by graphing.

  3. Rate of Change

    • Resource ID: TXLS125
    • Grade Range: 9
    • Subject: Math

    The students will determine the rate of change from tables and graphs by using the slope formula. The students will discover and interpret the real-world applications of rate of change.