1. SE Resource updt

    9.05 Heat in Changes of State

    • Resource ID: SE071091
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Science

    In this video, we will determine the heat required or released by changing from one state to another state of a substance.

  2. 8.07 Special Polar Graphs

    • Resource ID: SE121058
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: Math

    In this video, students will learn the equations and graphs of special polar curves.

  3. Starting the Conversation

    • Resource ID: THSCA001
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject:

    Welcome to “Starting the Conversation.” The lessons and materials of this program address the growing problem of relationship violence among high school athletes and aim to help Texas students create a positive team and school culture.