• Resource ID: PBS323
    • Grade Range: PreK–K
    • Subject: Early Childhood

    PBS Learning Media Ordering in the Restaurant | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    Daniel and Katerina learn how to order dinner in the neighborhood restaurant. They use their manners to order, and then wait patiently for their food. While they are waiting they play a quiet game at the table. Teach kidsabout restaurants and reading menus.

    • Resource ID: PBS277
    • Grade Range: PreK–1
    • Subject: Early Childhood

    PBS Learning Media Activity: I Wonder | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    This activity from The Fred Rogers' Company helps develop curiosity and confidence in asking questions. Children will finish the sentence "I wonder . . . " in order to create a dialogue about how the world works.

    • Resource ID: PBS325
    • Grade Range: PreK–K
    • Subject: Science

    PBS Learning Media Watching the Sunset | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    The Klouste family enjoys being in the park together and watching the sunset. See how a famfily can have fun together outside by reading, playing sports, or simply watching the world around them.