• Resource ID: TXLS131
    • Grade Range: 2
    • Subject: Math

    Telling Time to the Minute

    The lesson requires students to match times to the nearest five-minute interval using an analog clock, digital clock, and time written in words. Students will sing a song, show and write the time to the nearest minute, and tell time using analog watches.

    • Resource ID: TXLS205
    • Grade Range: K
    • Subject: Math

    Balancing Act

    Students use a pan balance model and manipulatives to identify a total that balances two parts. The use of the pan balance will help to develop the concept of equality. Students will develop the language of equality by reading and identifying the following expressions; balances, is the same as, is equal to, and equal before the symbol for equality is introduced. Students will identify an unknown part in a balance situation. Students will communicate ideas, explain, and justify how they solved problems.