1. PBS Learning Media

    States of Matter Fitness

    • Resource ID: PBS462
    • Grade Range: 1–5
    • Subject: Science

    In this 3rd through 5th grade video, students use their science knowledge and apply it using physical activity! Learning about the stages of matter, solid, liquid and gas, students perform an exercise for each as the teacher calls out an object such as soup or fog. 

  2. PBS Learning Media

    Watching the Sunset | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    • Resource ID: PBS325
    • Grade Range: PreK–K
    • Subject: Science

    The Klouste family enjoys being in the park together and watching the sunset. See how a famfily can have fun together outside by reading, playing sports, or simply watching the world around them.

  3. OnTrack logo

    Electromagnetic Spectrum Introduction

    • Resource ID: S8M3L5
    • Grade Range: 8
    • Subject: Science

    Given diagrams, scenarios, descriptions, and illustrations, students will identify and describe parts and properties of electromagnetic waves and components of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  4. PBS Learning Media

    The Birds are Building a Nest | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    • Resource ID: PBS311
    • Grade Range: PreK–K
    • Subject: Science

    Daniel and Katerina collect leaves and sticks for the birds to use in their nest.

  5. PBS Learning Media

    A Nature Hike | Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    • Resource ID: PBS318
    • Grade Range: PreK–K
    • Subject: Science

    Come on a nature hike with Evie as she explores the woods in her real neighborhood. Carefully Evie and her nature guide explore off trail, looking at plants using a magnifying glass and searching for creatures in a nearby creek.

  6. PBS Learning Media

    Motion of the Ocean | Nature Cat

    • Resource ID: PBS438
    • Grade Range: PreK–3
    • Subject: Science

    Sing along with Nature Cat, Nature Dog, and their friends and learn about how the ocean currents work with this “Motion of the Ocean” song! From the Nature Cat: Ocean Commotion special.

  7. PBS Learning Media

    How to Travel Around the World | Nature Cat

    • Resource ID: PBS439
    • Grade Range: K–3
    • Subject: Science

    In this fun clip from Nature Cat: Ocean Commotion, Nature Dog and Sputnik form an unlikely alliance to rescue Mr. Chewinsky and in the process, they find out whether it’s possible to travel around the world using only the ocean currents.