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    Write for Texas Overview Video

    • Resource ID: W4TX0000
    • Grade Range: 5–12
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    This resource links to the Write for Texas online resources and includes a short video overview.

  2. Sheltered Instruction Training Series

    • Resource ID: SI001
    • Grade Range: K–12
    • Subject: ELL Support

    Sheltered instruction is an instructional approach that uses various strategies to ensure that grade-level instruction provided in English addresses both content and language objectives. This resource introduces the Sheltered Instruction Training Series (20 CPE hours).

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    Documenting Sources and Writing a Bibliography/Works Cited (English III Research )

    • Resource ID: E3RsM4L04
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    You will learn how to cite your sources in the body of your research paper and write a works cited page according to the Modern Language Association (MLA) style manual.

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    Strengthening Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Organization (English III Research)

    • Resource ID: E3RsM5L01
    • Grade Range: 9–12
    • Subject: ELA & Reading

    You will learn revision strategies you can use to strengthen your introduction and body of your paper.