• Resource ID: TEKS12_MATH_05_001
    • Grade Range: 5
    • Subject: Math

    Revised Mathematics TEKS Modeling the Volume of a Rectangular Prism

    This activity provides an opportunity for students to model the volume of a rectangular prism and make connections to the formula, V=l ´ w ´ h.

    • Resource ID: MATH_IMG_001
    • Grade Range: K–8
    • Subject: Math

    Interactive Math Glossary Icon Interactive Math Glossary

    The Interactive Math Glossary is provided by the Texas Education Agency to help teachers explore and understand mathematics vocabulary.

    • Resource ID: M8M5L5
    • Grade Range: 5–7
    • Subject: Math

    OnTrack logo Selecting and Using Representations for Collected Data

    Given a variety of data (including line plots, line graphs, stem and leaf plots, circle graphs, bar graphs, box and whisker plots, histograms, and Venn diagrams), the student will select and use an appropriate representation for presenting and displaying relationships among the collected data with and without the use of technology