Game: Analyzing Graphs of Quadratic Functions

The solutions of a quadratic function are the zeros or where the graph of the quadratic function crosses the x–axis.

Example:The Kemah Boardwalk was offering a new game and a $1000 bonus for the person with the highest score. Jose and Mirza decided to join the competition. A ball is put on the end of a lever that is on a table. The buckets are located at different distances from the lever. Each time the ball lands in a bucket the player earns points depending on the distance the bucket is from the original starting point.


The object of the game is to earn the most points. How a player earns points:

  1. If the ball doesn't go into a bucket 0 points are earned.
  2. If the ball goes into the first bucket 5 points are earned.
  3. If the ball goes into the second bucket 10 points are earned.
  4. If the ball goes into the third bucket 15 points are earned.
  5. If the ball goes into the fourth bucket 25 points are earned.

How to play the game:

  1. Press down on the lever to release the ball.
  2. The ball goes (hopefully) into a bucket.
  3. Each player tosses the ball 3 times for their total score.

Toss the ball by clicking on the left end of the lever. First toss the ball three times for Mirza and then three times for Jose. Make sure to write down the points each one earned for each toss.

Source: Interactive, Texas Education Agency / University of Texas at Austin