Pilot Algebra Foundations

  • Intended Audience: Administrators, Parents, Teachers
  • Subject: Math


The primary purpose of the Algebra Foundations course is to promote opportunities for deep understanding of core algebraic concepts to develop algebraic thinkers. The course is composed of 5 topics: Operating with Rational Numbers, Expressions and Equations, Developing Function Foundations, Modeling Linear Equations, and Quadratics. Throughout these topics, students have the opportunity to develop foundational understandings and draw connections to key concepts.

This course is intended to strengthen foundational conceptual understandings from middle school math through Algebra I and is designed to be flexible in meeting the needs of students. Your individual course is created based solely on data that suggests which topics will best develop your students as algebraic thinkers. Each learning session is designed to further develop a skill, and together, these sessions connect skills and concepts to key algebraic understandings. The student learning experience of the Algebra Foundations course promotes conceptual understanding through a focus on active learning and making sense of the mathematics.