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Texas Adolescent Literacy Academy Tier I: Content Area Instruction

  • Subject(s): ELA & Reading
  • Grade Range: 5 - 12
  • Release date: 02-05-2020
  • Tags: Texas Adolescent Literacy Academy, TALA, Schoolwide Approach to Reading Intervention, schoolwide, reading intervention, reading, adolescent literacy, instruction, Effective Instruction, effective, Vocabulary Instructional Routines, vocabulary, Selecting Words, pronunciation, Pronouncing and Defining Words, defining, non examples, Generating Examples and Non Examples, examples, Comprehension Instructional Routines, comprehension, Building Background Knowledge with Anticipation-Reaction Guides, background knowledge, anticipation-reaction, main ideas, Identifying Main Ideas in Text, Writing Summaries, summaries


Texas Adolescent Literacy Academy Tier I builds knowledge and skills so teachers can effectively support the development of reading skills in adolescent students. The strategies presented in the course promote the implementation of effective reading instruction for all students across all content areas. TALA Tier I, previously available in Texas Courses, is now openly available but does not earn course provider credit and no certificate will be offered


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