OnTRACK English II Reading: Understanding and Analysis of Literary Text

  • Subject(s): ELA & Reading
  • Grade Range: HS - 12
  • Release date: 04-19-2016
  • Tags: rhyme scheme, refrain, meter, consonance, assonance, tragic flaw, quest, motif, hero's tasks, hero's journey, archetype, plot, conflict, unreliable narrator, tone, third person narrator, point of view, omniscient narrator, narrator, first person narrator, theme, resolution, intertextuality, abstract, syntax, sentence variety, mood, diction, denotation, connotation, simile, sensory language, metaphor, imagery, verbal irony, situational irony, sarcasm, purpose, paradox, literary nonfiction, irony, dramatic irony, understatement, overstatement, hyperbole, figurative language, mythological allusions, literary allusions, historical allusions, Biblical allusions, allusion, symbolism, controlling image, close reading


OnTRACK English II Reading, Module 3, Lessons 1–12, and Practice Lessons 1–3. Students understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of poetry, drama, fiction, and literary non-ficton, and provide evidence from text to support their understanding. 


ELA.E2.7.B, ELA.E2.8.E, ELA.E2.6.C, ELA.E2.5.B, ELA.E2.5.C, ELA.E2.4.E, ELA.E2.4.H, ELA.E2.8.F, ELA.E2.8.D, ELA.E2.6, ELA.E2.7