SE Precalculus

Chapter 7: Sequences and Series

  • Subject(s): Math
  • Grade Range: 9 - 12
  • Release date: 07-07-2017
  • Tags: sequence, integers, infinite sequence, index, general term, explicit formula, upper limit of summation, summation notation, sigma notation, series, recursive sequence, partial sum, lower limit of summation, index of summation, factorial, common difference, arithmetic series, arithmetic sequence, geometric series, geometric sequence, common ratio, Pascal's triangle, Binomial Theorem, binomial coefficient, binomial


In this chapter, we introduce sequences and series, some of their applications, and the Binomial Theorem.


M.P.1.E, M.P.1.F, M.P.5.A, M.P.5.B, M.P.5.C, M.P.5.D, M.P.5.E, M.P.5.F