OnTRACK Grade 8 Math: Expressions, Equations, and Relationships

  • Subject(s): Math
  • Grade Range: 8
  • Release date: 08-22-2015
  • Tags: volume formulas, volume, sphere, pyramid, prism, OnTrack, math, cylinder, cone, right triangle, Pythagorean Theorem, OnTRACK Grade 8 Math, leg, hypotenuse, surface area, measurement, lateral area, estimation, Grade 8 Math, problem solving, tables, predict, justify, graphs, algebraic equations, triangles, similar triangles, parallel lines, angles, angle-angle, systems of equations, Linear Equations


Students will learn to develop mathematical relationships and make connections to geometric formulas; use geometry to solve problems; use one-variable equations or inequalities in problem situations; and use multiple representations to develop foundational concepts of simultaneous linear equations.


M.8.6.A, M.8.6.B, M.8.6.C, M.8.7.B, M.8.7.A, M.8.7.C, M.8.7.D, M.8.8.A, M.8.8.B, M.8.8.C, M.8.8.D, M.2A.4.E, M.2A.4.F